Thursday, February 11, 2010

How should I paint an old indoor wrought iron railing?

I need help, paint can make this railing look brand new. The railing is old and we have redone almost every aspect of this house but the railing has stayed so what can i do to make it look nice? The railing starts downstairs and extends upstairs along the hallway. I painted the upstairs portion in the hallway already and I was planning to finish. I painted it with oil based paint, was that a mistake?? It's nice but I was wondering if there is something better I could do, I want to do some type of painting technique, my friend has one in her home that is painted the iron color (dark grey) but it has like silver weathered accent on it. I don't know if you can picture what i'm describing but please any suggestions, photos, etc would help. Can I prime over the part I painted with the oil based paint if I decide to do something different??How should I paint an old indoor wrought iron railing?
You've done right by using the oil paint, you might want to try a rustoleum product called ';Hammerite'; it will give it a real nice look to it, check it out and you won't have to re prime and sand all these other make more work for yourself ideas, as long as there is no rust or flaking of old paint your fine if there is a wire brush will do the trick, good luck Les the painterHow should I paint an old indoor wrought iron railing?
with paint
There are a variety of paints available which will give you the antique look that your friend has, why not ask them what they used or consult with your paint store, even Home Depot or Sears can give you some ideas.

You can go right over the top of the oil based paint without priming, provided you continue to use an oil based product, not latex.

If it is too glossy, a very light sanding or steel wooling will give the new paint better adherence. Actually, oil paints are probably best.
sand it, prime it, and paint it
light colors always work on something cold and shiny and you can buy rally cheap paint or under and over coatings at home depot of course that is where i go all the time ! :-)
I don't know where you are or if you have it in your stores but I used Tremclad paint (oil based) for mine. If there is no chipped paint right now, this paint doesn't require you to sand or prime it. I believe this brand of paint has that color you are talking about too.

And remember to paint it with a sponge brush to have a nice streek-free final result.

Have fun!!!

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